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Testimonials and Success Stories

“We have retained attorneys over the years for a variety of reasons. Never have we had a case in the hands of such a professional, caring, and competent attorney. Ian went above and beyond to serve us, all the while treating us with dignity. He ALWAYS kept his word. In all interactions Ian had knowledge of our case and of the law, always displaying integrity, even when those about us did not. We feel blessed to have him as our attorney.” D.A.

Client found NOT GUILTY of OWI by Jury!
People v. Client, 6th Circuit Court (Oakland County, Michigan)

Client was stopped by the police because he had allegedly changed traffic lanes without signaling on multiple occasions. After the officer stopped him, the officer stated that he smelled a strong odor of intoxicants and that Client admitted to drinking alcohol. The officer then had Client perform several roadside tasks such as reciting the alphabet, counting, standing on one leg, walking a line, and the finger to touch the tip of the nose exercise. After Client performed the tasks, the officer arrested Client for OWI and took him to the police station. While at the police station, Client agreed to take a breathalyzer test and results of .16 were obtained. The case eventually proceeded to jury trial and at the end of trial, the jury returned a verdict of NOT GUILTY of all OWI charges! Result: NOT GUILTY!

Client found NOT GUILTY of Drug Possession by Jury!
People v. Client, 6th Circuit Court (Pontiac, Michigan)

Client was accused of being in possession of controlled substances under 25 grams. He was captured on surveillance video and the video showed Client holding his backpack and the controlled substance falling directly out of his backpack. Client was interrogated by police regarding the incident and later charged with the felony offense of drug possession. Client pled Not Guilty to the charges and demanded a trial by jury. The case proceeded to jury trial and the jury found him NOT GUILTY! Result: NOT GUILTY!